Staying Creative in Times of Covid-19 Exhibition

Covid-19 has presented many challenges for all of us. So maintaining your mental health is very important! This exhibition takes a look at some fantastic pieces by artists who are members of Art as Exchange and the Creative Spark Print Studio! 

About the Exhibition

Staying Creative in times of Covid-19 is a wonderful exhibition featuring work by visual artists in Co. Louth and surrounding areas. 

Creative Spark and AAEX have teamed up to provide an online event, at which AAEX artists and members of the Creative Spark Print Studio presented, how they managed to navigate 2020 from a creative perspective.

One of the main ways of maintaining your mental health is by taking up a creative hobby. This exhibition aims to help you in finding your own creativity and allowing it to flourish. 

The artists participating in this exhibition include:

  • Alistair Livingstone 
  • Bernhard Gaul
  • Claire McAteer
  • Grainne Murphy 
  • Jane Campbell
  • Michael Stafford 
  • Niamh O'Connor 
  • Omin
  • Santa Drozdova
  • Tara Carroll

You can have a look at the stunning pieces in our exhibition here

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The Staying Creative during Covid-19 Exhibition features a number of artists who are members of Art as Exchange and the Creative Spark Print Studio. 

‘Art as Exchange’ is an open, all-inclusive group of visual artists, coming together for the sake of making public art that is accessible, experiential, participative and/or free.

The Creative Spark Print Studio is a non-profit twenty-four hour access printmaking workshop and visual artists’ resource organisation, committed to providing facilities and opportunities to emerging and established visual artists. The studio aims to provide membership to creative practitioners from Louth and the border areas. For more information on membership rates please click here

 Interested in Purchasing?

All the pieces in this exhibition are for sale and purchase enquiries can  be made directly to the artist or email