Creative Spark Covid-19 Additional Participant Protocols

As we begin to resume meeting and training together in Creative Spark and, in the interest of Public Health and best practice, the following protocols arise in addition to our normal terms and conditions of room hire. These protocols apply to all people booking meeting or training rooms, trainers, hosts, convenors and participants. 

We have instigated a robust cleaning/disinfecting regime of all common areas. Each room, including tables, chairs, equipment and common touch points (e.g. door handles, remote controls, etc.) will be cleaned/disinfected in advance of any booking. Social distancing (currently 2 metres) will be adhered to. 

Signage, sanitising stations have been set up around the building, in particular at front door, within and on exiting the toilets and the meeting/training rooms. Access/egress to our main training room can be through a separate door, if required. 

Participants and convenors/trainers will be required to have completed a self-declaration that they are Covid19 free and have not been in contact with a suspected/confirmed case. This can be submitted to the host of the meeting in advance. 

It is the responsibility of the host/convener of the meeting, to confirm receipt of these forms to Creative Spark. 

Creative Spark will require a list of participants/attendees together with a contact number to facilitate contact tracing should the need arise. (This information is required for the sole purpose of contact tracing under HSE guidelines, and while Creative Spark cannot confirm a termination date for retention of this data, it will be held for the minimum amount of time under GDPR regulations). 

The host/convener has responsibility for supervision and control during meetings and workshops – sanitiser to be used by participants on entering the building and on exiting the room before they go to the bathroom and then on re-entry to the room. 

Face masks/coverings to be worn when a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained and for the duration of practical assignments or assessment events. Masks that are single use are to be disposed of safely in allocated bins after the event. Waste bins will be provided at each desk for disposal of items. 

Tea, coffee and any refreshments will be served in the room using disposable cups, etc. 

We ask that groups of participants do not congregate outside or inside the building. 

To reduce the risk of spread from desk to desk we request that all participants wipe down their desk with disinfectant wipes at each break. 

Movement of participants should not occur outside of designated break times. 

If a course participant displays Covid19 symptoms during a course /meeting contact the “on duty” Covid 19 Compliance Officer immediately. The symptomatic candidate will be escorted to the isolation area. 

Respiratory Hygiene Etiquette: 

Course participants are advised to cover their nose using their elbow area and not their hands if tissues are not available. 

Course participants are requested to dispose of used paper tissues in the assigned bins. 

Participants are advised to instigate hand washing / hand sanitising after contact with respiratory secretions. 

Hand Hygiene Etiquette: 

Course participants are requested & expected to wash their hands/use sanitiser regularly and in particular: 

- After coughing/sneezing. 

- Before & after eating. 

- If in contact with someone displaying symptoms of Covid19. 

- Before & after being in a crowd. 

- When arriving/leaving assessment / training location. 

- Before & after smoking/vaping. 

- When hands are visibly dirty. 

- Before & after undertaking practical assessments (where relevant). 

- After toilet use. Location of Isolation Area: 

- Symptomatic candidate will be supplied with mask, tissues, hand gel, wipes & bin. 

- The symptomatic candidate will be shown to isolation room. 

- Symptomatic candidate will have to stay in the isolation room until assessment is completed on whether participant can be directed to go home/attend hospital. 

Routine Cleaning: 

- Adequate ventilation is provided. - A cleaning/disinfection plan and schedule is in place. 

- Frequently touched areas are thoroughly cleaned before & after training. 

- Washrooms/toilets are cleaned 3 times daily. 

Compliance Officers: 

Sarah Daly (Office) 042 938 5721 / 086 173 1356 

Barry McDonald (Reception) 042 938 5720